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Rain Form Seed-Powered Protein
Designed for body-building, recovery-promoting, vegan-powered protein.

What is Form?

FORM is a plant and seed-based protein supplement designed for ultimate performance. It's unique blend of ingredients allows it to promote muscle growth, decrease recovery time, and aid in essential, post-workout nourishing. No oter protein has the complete profile.

How does Form help your body?

Our vegan protein is a complete body builder. It builds muscles naturally, and its plant-powered protein is highly bioavailable, allowing your body to utilize it more efficiently and completely. Additionally, its seed-powered ingredients work to provide BCAAs that aid recovery, antioxidants that protect, and fatty acids that work to build and nourish FORM truly is a do-it-all protein supplement.

Form's BCAA Profile

BCAA is an acronym that stand for Branch Chain Amino Acid. These amino acids are building blocks of protein and when broken down in this form, act as potent muscle builders and components of recovery. Each serving of FORM has more than 3g of natural BCAAs, including 8 essential amino acids your body can't create. It's difficult to find any protein on the market with a BCAA profile this robust. And that is true power of seed-based nutrition.

Vanilla Form

Chocolate Form

Dairy Free  /  Gluten Free  /  Vegan  /  Vegetarian Low Carb  /  Low Calorie
All Around Superfood No GMO'S  /  Paleo-Approved  /  HypoAllergenic

The science behind weight and fat loss is simple and time tested: consume fewer calories than your body uses. For those who want to lose weight, Form is a fat reducing, muscle leaning supplement. This premium nutrition product is a low-calorie (116 calories total, complete protein seed supplement.

It can also be used as a meal replacement to really cut down on overall caloric intake.*
Form's protein is highly bioavailable and is quickly absorbed into the body.

It also contains a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which fuel muscles and stimulate protein production. Among the 18 amino acids in Form are leucine, isoleucine and valine, critical components to muscle growth and energy during workouts.*

Benefits of RainForm
Form is easily and quickly digested, delivering nutrients and amino acids to your muscle cells efficiently.
Rapid transference of amino acids to muscles is key to pushing lean muscle growth.

Our amino acids are better than theirs. Each of these protein-building blocks in Form comes from natural sources: plants and seeds. They're not artificially added like other protein supplements.

Your body likes the natural way more. Because our amino acids are naturally derived they are more easily recognizable by the body. This means they're easier to digest and utilize.

This is the better way to get your protein. Check out our powerful amino acid profile above, showing the wide range of nature-made, amino acids.

Preparation Ideas: Depending on the consistency you want (or how thirsty you are), you can either mix Form into 8-10 oz or 12-16 oz of liquid. We prefer 8-10 oz here at the office.

    How Does FORM Measure Up?
  • 1G Of Fat
  • 0 Cholesterol
  • 5 Carbs Per Serving
  • 4G Dietary Fiber
  • 1G Of Sugar Per Serving
  • 21G Protein Per Serving
  • Great Source Of Iron
  • 18 Amino Acids

FORM Has Been Designed To:

  • Promote Energy & Fuel Muscle Performance*
  • Support Healthy Body Mass Index and Overall LEANNESS*
  • Repair & Support LEAN Muscle Mass*
  • Suppress APPETITE*
  • Increase MUSCLE DENSITY*
  • Supports Triglyceride and Blood Glucose Levels already In Normal Range*

Some of the greatest athletes out there including David Carter, NFL defensive tackle, Patrick Baboumian world record-breaking strongman, and Ultraman World Champion Hillary Biscay (and many more) rely on plant protein. But get this, SEEDS are 20 times more potent than their fruit or vegetable counterparts.

Appetite-Suppressing Fiber

Fiber slows down digestion, leaving you feeling full longer. This suppression of appetite translates into eating fewer calories, which can lead to weight and fat loss. Additionally, fiber binds to bile acids which decreased fat absorption into the body. Finally, the natural process of fiber fermentation in the intestines creates a short-chain fatty acid called propionate which prevents the production of cholesterol.

Heart-Healthy Fats

Seeds are full of healthful mono-and polyunsaturated fats. But other fats, such as saturated and trans fats (those found in meats, dairy, fried and processed foods) can trigger inflammation. According to research, diets high in these unhealthy fats can lead to a number of diseases. Choosing to eat healthy fats instead can lower cholesterol and decrease inflammation.

Plant Protein

The American Cancer Association (ACA) recommends a plant-based diet for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Seeds are a great source of protein, a necessary nutrient. Rain's products include some of the highest naturally-occurring concentrations of plant-based protein. Meanwhile, animal based proteins are not recommended as freely by the ACA.

Mighty Minerals

Seeds contain necessary minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Minerals are needed for bone development, immunity and energy.

Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidants

Seed oils are possibly the most concentrated source of powerful antioxidants, which fight inflammation and damaging free-radicals. Dangerous free-radicals are produced whenever oxidation occurs due to exposure from pesticides on food, tobacco smoke, fumes and pollutants in the air, etc. Each of us experiences these harmful chemicals everyday, and balancing resulting radicals with antioxidants can help to prevent a multitude of unhealthy conditions.

Designed to Unlock Your true FORM Who You are at Your Leanest and Healthiest.


WHEY: Uses strong acids and bases in extraction process which could damage proteins // Another extraction method weakens the amino acid profile and lessens BCAA count // Can be difficult to digest // Animal byproduct // Not hypoallergenic // Protein source my contain low concentration of protein or impurities and contaminants // Does not contain antioxidants

FORM: Uses a gentle, coldpress process free of harsh chemicals and high temperatures to preserve proteins, amino acids profile and BCAA count* // Easy and rapid digestion* // Vegan // Hypoallergenic // Gluten free // Pure, non-GMO source of protein // Contains no animal byproducts, antibiotics, or steroids // Just 2 servings provides nearly all of the daily recommended value of all amino acids // Rich in antioxidants for faster recovery and increased muscle cell health*

Our Amazing Ingredients:

Sacha Inchi Seed, Pea Protein, Chia Seed


A power-packed protein whose natural profile allows for easy absorption and anabolic gains. This ingredient is also powerful because it provides high yield with minima caloric intake.

  • Promotes an increase of lean muscle density when supplementing appropriate training*

  • Functions as a short-term appetite suppressor*

  • Binds and concentrates cranberry polyphenols (antioxidants) which enhance gut health*

  • Linked to lowering cholesterol and triglycerides*

  • Supports healthy homeostasis among cellular fatty acids*


Contains high levels of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as key vitamins that assist in healthy body function. Additionally, its antioxidant profile helps ward off damaging free-radicals to aid recovery.

  • Provides 4.9 grams of healthy fat per serving

  • Also provides 876 mg of omega 3 and 289 mg of omega 6 fatty acids

  • Increases the overall fiber content of each serving

  • Maintains a balanced blood lipid level

  • Supports body weight loss and reduction of triglyceride and blood glucose levels


An incredible robust, all-natural protein that provides all eight essential amino acids that the human body cannot create itself.

  • Promotes weight loss through high levels of tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin which helps to regulate appetite*

  • High concentration of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are linked to reducing risk for heart conditions*

  • Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties*

  • Supports cell damage repair*


A natural fiber that aids in digestion and protein absorption. This not only increases your gain potential, but helps your body feel and function great.


  • Great dietary source of natural antioxidants*

  • Contains anti-proliferative compounds, substances which may slow the spread of malignant cells in the body*

  • Strengthens human immune function and reduces side effects of illness*


  • Benefits blood pressure and promotes prevention of heart conditions*

  • Helps to relax blood vessels and promote proper bowel function*

  • Supports healthy immune system, cell growth and division, as well as sleep and mood*

  • High in anti-inflammation properties and omega-3s*

Form is easily and quickly digested, delivering most of its nutrients and amino acids to your muscle cells in less than a half hour. Rapid transference of amino acids to muscles is key to pushing lean muscle growth.


Take it after a work out to repair and rebuild lean muscle and lose the fat. Also, for optimal muscle growth and gains, take right before bed, right after waking, and a half hour before a workout to set up an “anabolic window,” which lessens the breaking down of muscle that results from weight training.


1. Place 2 scoops of FORM into a glass with 8-10 oz. of water.
2. Stir until thoroughly mixed and enjoy.
3. Take 1-2 times daily as needed.

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