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Rain Core - Seed Nutrition

The 1 Ounce Shot Worth Its Weight in Gold
Studies show that the healthier a person is, the less money they spend on medical bills annually (US). Core is the second supplement from Rain International and it contains high quality, dense nutrition in a 1 ounce packet. While Soul is primarily an antioxidant powerhouse, Rain scientists have researched and included some of the earth's greatest greens in Core with a clinical reputation for improving health functions.*

Great Reasons to Drink Rain CORE

* Protects against DNA damage.
* Helps absorption of Vitamin C and E.
* Supports a healthy immune system.
* Supports blood flow to the brain for healthy cognition.
* Supports healthy liver function.
* Supports mitochondrial function.
* Helps maintain blood glucose levels already within normal range.

Benefits of RainCore
Core's formula promotes healthy function within the body's organs.
In addition to the ingredients and their benefits, Aloe Vera benefits digestive health, Chloropyllin improves the function of detoxification pathways, Wheatgrass is a powerful antioxidant that benefits the entire body, and Chlorella is a potent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein.*
Many of our customers have already seen and felt the benefits of Core. Try it now.

A Green Green Product
Just like Soul, Core is a non-GMO product, which means that it hasn't gone through extensive processes to be engineered with bacteria, viruses or other plants, so it's gentler on the environment.* Also, greens are a part of our recommended daily diet and Core provides a number of the most potent greens available.

The naturally occurring antioxidants and enzymes in Rain Core seed nutrition's ingredients combine to enable cells to reproduce, rejuvenate, and adapt while detoxifying the body of molecules that damage healthy cells.*

Supports Natural Detoxification

1. Eliminate Toxins
Rain CORE seed nutrition supports a natural enhanced elimination function, Enhanced elimination refers to an increased rate of expulsion of an agent from the body with the aim of decreasing the severity and duration of clinical intoxication. *

2. Increased Immunity
Rain CORE seed nutrition provides the body with healthful enzymes to encourage a healthy immune system function and reduction in free radicals and oxidative stress. **

3. Balanced pH Levels
Rain CORE seed nutrition supports balanced pH levels in the body through easily absorbed nutrition. Overly acidic or alkaline pH levels are linked to problem in the digestive system as well as issues of the reproductive system which create risk for more serious conditions such as inflammation. *

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients Rain CORE

Core is packed with nutrients from all kinds of seeds and greens. Within Core is Chlorophyllin, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Cranberry Seed, Milk Thistle Seed, Kale, Black Cumin Seed, Chlorella and Dandelion.Each of these ingredients contributes to good health and have a powerful effect on your body's organs. For example, Spirulina promotes brain function while Kale assists in fat digestion and Dandelion benefits skin health for improved overall wellness.*

Milk Thistle Seeds

The leaves, fruits and seeds of milk thistle have been used for centuries as a natural preparation. Milk thistle is one of the world's most powerful liver detoxifying agents. Many individuals have seen dramatic improvement using milk thistle for various health issues.
The active antioxidant compound within milk thistle is the flavonoid complex called Silymarin. This antioxidant is one of the most powerful liver detoxifying agents.
It helps to boost glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which are two of the bodies master super antioxidants. One study found that silymarin increased glutathione content in the intestines and liver by up to 50 percent. Boosting glutathione helps promote intestinal health.*


Kale is considered one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world and is known as the "original superfood." Kale contains high amounts of sulfur and dietary fiber. Sulfur is actually the third most abundant mineral in the body and aids fat digestion and absorption, and the regulation of blood sugar. Aside from being great detoxifiers, sulfur and fiber also maintain weight in normal levels. This fact, coupled with its low calorie and fat content, makes kale an effective food to maintain weight in normal levels.

Black Cumin Seed

Hundreds of studies have been conducted on black cumin which have shown that compounds from the seeds help support the bodies immune system. Black Cumin Seeds contain over 100 chemical compounds, including some yet to be identified. In addition to what is believed to be the primary active ingredient, crystalline nigellone, black cumin seeds contain: thymoquinone, beta sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and phosphorous.


Chlorella, derived from single-celled algae, has long been eaten in numerous Asian countries and is a true "superfood." Chlorella is a nutritional powerhouse. It is approximately 60 percent protein, providing the same quality of protein as eggs. It is also a good source of lipid-soluble vitamins, choline, essential minerals and fiber.


Dandelion roots, sap and leaves are powerful ways to help keep the body healthy, ranging from improving liver function to combating skin conditions. Dandelion has been used successfully across a variety of cultures, for several applications. It's no secret that it’s an excellent way to keep the body healthy.*

Cranberry Seed

One of the most nutritious parts of cranberry is the seed. The oil from the cranberry seed contains high levels of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, phytosterols and large amounts of antioxidants that offer a variety of health benefits.

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is composed of the young shoots of wheat before stalks form a head with grain. It contains no wheat gluten, and is considered by many natural health professionals to possess many health properties. Wheat grass is, by composition, a superfood. This is due to wheat grass's heavy concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Clinical studies have confirmed that wheat grass juice and wheat grass extract have various health properties. Wheat grass acts as a potent antioxidant.*


Spirulina is one of the most widely studied foods on the planet. In fact, studies in the last decade alone have shown that the regular consumption of spirulina can help enhance brain function, help improve white blood cell count, stimulate antibodies, boost liver health and more. Spirulina can also help almost any nutrient deficiency due to its incomparable concentrations of vitamins and minerals.*

Aloe Vera

Ancient Egyptians dubbed aloe vera the "plant of immortality". The earliest recorded use of aloe vera by humans goes back to 16th century B.C. Aloe vera can be a powerful agent when taken internally. It can help soothe the digestive and/or intestinal system.*


Chlorophyll has been used traditionally to improve bad breath and other forms of body odor. More recently chlorophyll has been used to aid in the removal of various toxins via the liver and remains a key compound for improving the function of essential detoxification pathways.

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